Writer's guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines:


We are always looking for new writers.

We are looking for works in all categories with a minimum length of 50,000 words. There is no ceiling to the number of words you write – the more, the better.

We are interested in strong, dynamic, storylines that are original, with good dialogue and well-developed characters. We are looking for all genres, except poetry and Children's literature at this time. Your story should adhere to the basic principles of whatever genre you are writing in. 

Upon submission, your manuscript must be complete and edited. If you are writing a series, the first book should be complete, with an accompanying proposal for the development of additional volumes.

 We do not accept simultaneous submissions (submissions sent to more than one publisher at a time).


Response Time:

No author likes having their work tied up, awaiting a reply from a publisher, especially one who does not allow for simultaneous submissions. We understand that. Therefore, our promise to you is we will respond quickly, typically within three weeks. If you don't hear from us by then, please reach out to us again, we may not have received your submission, or better still, we love it so much we are rereading it. If we accept your work, we will endeavor to publish it within six months of acceptance.


All manuscript submissions are to be emailed to: submissions@NoniaPublishing.com.