Why Write for us?

If you are on this page, it means you are doing your homework as you search for a publisher for your work. Undoubtedly you have several publishers you can choose from, many of whom have far more experience and more authors in print than we do. However, this fact alone should make you consider entrusting your work to us.

Being new means that we are on top of the game, not bogged down in old, outdated publishing habits. We’ve done our homework as well. We know what today’s publishing landscape looks like and are capable of helping you navigate it.



It is not our sole intention to take your book, dress it up with cover art and then give it to Amazon to see what they can do with it. It seems some publishers favor a relationship with Amazon over all else, by giving Amazon exclusive distribution rights. Yes, Amazon’s large marketplace is one we will incorporate into our distribution strategy, but we should not neglect all those loyal Kobo Readers or those who prefer Nook over Kindle. Then there is also Apple – they’re pretty big as well.

We believe a wide distribution model that incorporates multiple platforms leads to greater long-term success for your work and you as an author. We are here to help get your book to market and help you establish and sustain a writing career.



All authors have a need and a desire to write, and most are good at it. But the ability to write is not the same as an ability to market. On several occasions, we’ve seen authors who have created great work, but few get to read it because the author struggles to get their book to market.

You write with the belief and desire others will enjoy what you have created. For this to happen, you need more than being published and distributed, and you need your work marketed.

With the emergence of ebooks and self-publishing, the book industry has never been as crowded as it is today. You will need to find ways to set yourself apart – to get noticed – if you are going to be read by others besides your family and friends. 

Marketing is the key. Should we work together, we will market your work together. We will share with you our complete step by step marketing strategy designed to support the distribution and marketing of your work. There are no guarantees in life, and even less in publishing, but at the very least, we have a marketing plan that will give your work a fighting chance at getting noticed.



We pay some of the highest royalties in the eBook publishing business, with as much as 50% royalties going to our authors. 




All manuscript submissions are to be emailed to: