Editing Services:


You spent months, maybe even years writing your book, pouring over every line, painstakingly choosing the right word. You want to create an experience that the reader will not forget, one that will have them recommending your book to their reading circle, writing a positive review and buying the next book you write. You've done it all yourself, and now the book is ready to be published.

So, why do you need an editor?

It would be a shame to have the reading experience minimized by small spelling and grammatical errors. Good books have professional covers and formatting, and they also have professional editing. Regardless of where you are in your writing career, self-editing is not the final step in the process. Working with a professional editor is.

If you work with a publisher, they will often add a layer of editing to your work. They want to help you produce your best work. As your publisher, your work reflects upon them. They want to be known for the quality of the work they produce.

However, if you are self-publishing your work, you should still get that last layer of support. You should have your book edited by a professional. Book editing prices vary depending on the work's length, with a minimum cost of $200.00 USD.

Here are the types of editing service we provide:

Proof Reading:

This is typically the last line of defence. Proofreading focuses on catching spelling and grammatical errors, as well as punctuation and formatting challenges.

$0.010 USD/word

Copy Editing:

Copy Editing takes a more in-depth look at the language, grammar and style - as well as inconsistencies in style usage.

$0.015 USD/word

Line Editing:

Line Editing takes a broad look at style, clarity, and the effectiveness of the language used. It also encompasses the book's overall pacing, flow, dialogue, and characterization, all on a line by line basis.

$0.020 USD/word


For more details and to obtain a detailed quote, please contact us as info@NoniaPublishing.com.