Cover Design

Cover Design:


The cover design for your eBook is as equally important as the words on the page. People buy with their eyes. Your cover needs to be representative of the story and appealing. The essence and elements of your story need to be found in the images on the cover. The design needs to appeal to the reader, to invite them to take a chance on your book over thousands of others. Our Graphic Design Team know how to take your story and put it into pictures in such a way as to meet the reader’s expectations. Of equal importance, professionally designed covers increase sales.

The final cover design will be a collaboration between you, the author, and our designers. Final approval will be yours, while the Copywrite and ownership are yours. We will create production-ready files for print and digital.

The cost of designing a cover varies depending on whether we use original art or stock images. We do not have a set price as each project is unique and has a different requirement. However, most cover designs range between $250 - $500. USD. We offer this range as a way of giving you some guidance.

We can determine a more fixed price upon consultation.

For more details and to obtain a detailed quote, please contact us as